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Speech Prosody

The subject of Speech Prosody today covers a huge multidisciplinary area of research involving scientists from very different backgrounds and traditions, including linguistics, acoustics, speech synthesis and recognition, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, speech therapy, language teaching. Work in each of these fields has evolved very rapidly over the last few years and it is today impossible for any one person to keep up with the most recent work in all of these fields. The subject is particularly daunting for young researchers coming into the area who need to acquire a background in several fields which are often taught in entirely different departments or institutions.



The aims of the Special Interest Group on Speech Prosody SProSIG are to promote the study and diffusion of knowledge about Speech Prosody in general in a number of ways, including:

  • dedicated web pages
  • a regular email Newsletter
  • a bibliographic database
  • organisation of workshops on specific themes
  • helping to co-ordinate sessions on prosody in International meetings (Interspeech, ICPhS, ACL etc.)
  • running the international conference Speech Prosody

The International nature of the SIG also provides a means for diffusing information both to and from the different language communities involved in research on various languages.

The SIG has received official approval from the International Speech Communication Association (ISCA) and the International Phonetic Association.

Email discussion lists

Til 25 May 2003, SProSIG ran a general-purpose email discussion list in English. The list archive is still accessible to its former members (follow this link).

All members in SProSIG automatically receive announcements of SProSIG events, and may choose also to receive approved announcements of ISCA events. For broader-reaching discussions about speech prosody, announcements of new software created by SProSIG members, etc., we recommend that SproSIG members subscribe to the new Speech Prosody discussion list.


SProSIG is an unincorporated professional organization, managed by its officers under the direction of a Permanent Advisory Committee. Officers are currently:

  • President: Keikichi Hirose
  • Liaison: Yi Xu
  • Treasurer/New Conferences: Hansjoerg Mixdorff
  • Secretary: Mark Hasegawa-Johnson