SProSIG Members Registered on This Site

Name Research
Schoormann, Dr. Heike
Schwab, Dr. Sandra
Schweitzer, Dr. Antje
IMS, Uni Stuttgart
Intonation, F0 parametrization, exemplar theory, automatic labeling
Schötz, Dr. Susanne
Dialect intonation, paralinguistics, intonation in mammal vocalisations
Selim, Ms. Noha
Qatar University
QCA research
Seman, Dr. Noraini
University Technology MARA (UiTM)
Speech Recognition, Speech Modeling, Speech Summarization, Digital Signal Processing
Setter, Pr. Jane
University of Reading
Speech prosody in atypically-developing child populations
Phonological features of Hong Kong English
Teaching and learning phonetics
Shattuck-Hufnagel, Dr. Stefanie
MIT Cambridge MA
speech production planning, speech perception, phonological development, feature cues
Shen, Ms. Chen
University of Sheffield
L2 prosody
Shih, Dr. Chilin
University of Illinois
Second-language acquisition
Shkrabo, Ms. Volha
Shochi, Dr. Takaaki
Shosted, Dr. Ryan
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Speech aerodynamics, physiology, nasalization, endangered / understudied language documentation
Shport, Pr. Irina
Louisiana State University
Shriberg , Dr. Elizabeth
SRI International and ICSI
automatic modeling of prosody
Sichel-Bazin, Dr. Rafèu
Université Toulouse 2 – Jean Jaurès
Prosody, phonology, language contact, dialectology
Siddins, Dr. Jessica
Silber-Varod, Dr. Vered
The Open University of Israel
Speech Prosody, Phonetics, spontaneous Spoken Hebrew, Prosody-Syntax interface
Silverman, Dr. Kim
Spoken Language Technologies Apple Computer, Inc
Prosodic modelling, speech production and perception, phonology, acoustic phonetics, text analysis, speech in the user interface, integration of speech technologies into hardware industrial design and product design
Simard, Dr. Candide
School of Oriental and African Studies
prosody, information structure, aboriginal languages Australia
Simko, Dr. Juraj
University of Helsinki
Simoes, Dr. Antonio R.M.
University of Kansas
Speech Prosody, Notation Systems especially Musical Notation, Romance Languages, Phonetics, Phonology, Data Analysis and everything about Phonetics.
Simon, Pr. Anne Catherine
Université catholique de Louvain
Prosodie et analyse du discours
Simonet, Dr. Miquel
University of Arizona
Romance phonetics and phonology Sound change, historical phonology and sociophonetics Second language speech learning
Sinayah, Dr. Malarvizhi
University of Malaya
Sityaev, Mr. Dmitry
Toshiba Research Europe Ltd
Prosody, TTS
Skrelin, Pr. Pavel
Dept. of Phonetics, St. Petersburg State University
Sledzinski, Dr. Daniel
Slifka, Dr. Janet
Speech Communication Group, MIT
physiological correlates of prosodic variation
Smaïli, Pr. Kamel
Speech recognition and language modelling