SProSIG Members Registered on This Site

Name Research
xu, Dr. Xiaoying
Yaeger, Dr. Malcah
University of Arizona
sociophonetics, forensic phonetics, dialectology, discourse variables
Yakup, Dr. Mahire
Nazarbayev University
prosody, speech perception and production in native/non-native speakers, Turkic Linguistics
Yamagishi, Dr. Junichi
Yang, Xuesong
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Machine learning and deep learning for speech signal processing and spoken language understanding.
Yang, Dr. Li-chiung
Tunghai University
Prosody and Discourse
Yang, Pr. Yu
Institute of Psychology Chinese Academy of Sciences
Information processing of spoken language, speech perception, prosody
Yang, Ms. Anqi
Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS
Chinese & Korean prosody
L1 acquisition
Yanick, Mr. Tony
Case Western Reserve University
Cognition, Perception, Linguistics, Prosody, Robotics, Cognitive Science, Neurosciences, semiotics
Yanushevskaya, Dr. Irena
Trinity College Dublin
The role of voice source in spoken communication, linguistic and paralinguistic prosody of the voice, voice source analysis
Yegnanarayana, Pr. B
Internat. Instit. Informat. Techn. International Institute of Information Technology
Speech analysis, synthesis, recognition, enhancement Signal processing, image processing, artificial neural networks
YEOU, Dr. Mohamed
Faculty of Letters & Human Sciences, Chouaib Doukkali University El Jadida, Morocco
L2/FL intonation, intonation of Moroccan Arabic, F0 alignment patterns, production and perception characteristics of arabic consonants,pharyngealization, the phonetics of quranic recitation
Yiu, Ms. Suki
University of Hong Kong
Phonetically based phonology, tone typology
Yoo, Dr. Hiyon
YOON, Ms. Sinwon
UFRL, University of Paris 7
Computational Linguistics
Yoon, Dr. Tae-Jin
Sungshin Women's University
Phonetics, Phonology, Speech Prosody, Speech Processing
Yousfi, Dr. Abdellah
Université Mohamed V Souissi, Faculté des Sciences juridiques économiques et sociales, rabat.
Traitement automatique de la langue arabe
Yu, Kristine
Department of Linguistics, University of Massachusetts
tone, intonation, learning/acquisition, prosodic interfaces
Yu, Dr. Jue
Yuan, Pr. Jiahong
University of Pennsylvania
Speech prosody, corpus phonetics, integration of speech technology in phonetics research
Yvon, Dr. François
Natural Language Learning / Text Mining Automatic Speech Recognition
Zárate-Sández, Dr. Germán
Western Michigan University
Second Language (L2) Acquisition, L2 phonetics and phonology, L2 prosody, Spanish intonation, English intonation, speech perception.
Zei Pollermann, Dr. Branka
Zellers, Dr. Margaret
KTH Speech, Music & Hearing
Perception, turn-taking, multiple cues, conversational interaction
Zerbian, Dr. Sabine
Potsdam University
Bantu languages, phonology, prosody, focus, information structure, South African English
Zeroual, Dr. Chakir
Univ. Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah(Fès) Centre d'Etudes Universitaires de Taza
- Phonétique (acoustique, perception et notamment production) - Phonologie (Géometrie des traits) - Inteface phonétique et phonologie - Acquisition de la parole(aspects phonétiques & Phonologiques)chez les enfants entre 0 et un an.
Zhang, Mr. Yang
University of Illinois
Prosody modeling, speech modeling
zhang, Mr. xinfeng
The University of York
L2 phonology
zhang, Dr. yanhong
Purdue University
Acoustic phonetics, cross-linguistic speech production and perception, foreign accented speech
Zheng, Dr. Fang
Center for Speech Technology, State Key Lab of Intelligent Technology and Systems, Tsinghua University
Speech Recognition, Speaker Recognition, Natural Language Processing